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KMCS Woodland Floor Ghillie Suit 4.0


Introducing KMCS Ghillie Suit 4.0 – the ultimate concealment solution. Durable, breathable, and lightweight. Engineered for flawless camouflage, it adapts to surroundings. Oversized hood for helmets or scopes. Dual-axis adjustment for comfort.

Setting the standard for concealment, KMCS offers unmatched performance.

Available in Woodland Floor (dry woodlands) now. Dark Forest (damp, muddy) and Evergreen (lush vegetation) versions coming soon. Elevate your concealment game with KMCS.

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Introducing the KMCS Ghillie Suit 4.0 – the ultimate concealment solution. Meticulously crafted, optimised for unmatched camouflage in various environments.

Constructed from cutting-edge materials, the KMCS Ghillie Suit achieves an unparalleled balance of durability and breathability. Its lightweight design ensures comfort during prolonged use, while its robust build guarantees reliability even in extreme conditions.

Engineered for flawless concealment, the suit features meticulously designed colors that seamlessly blend with natural surroundings. Its 3D leaf configuration mimics the forest floor’s intricate patterns.

Equipped with an innovative elasticated retention system and webbing, the suit offers adaptability. Users can integrate field vegetation or crafting materials to enhance concealment. The oversized hood accommodates helmets, or can be pulled over rifle scopes providing extra coverage. The dual-axis adjustment ensures a snug fit for optimal comfort and visibility.

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