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Review: Trittech Powered Airsoft Goggles — A Game Changer for Ghillie Snipers?

At the recent ACS Noobday event in Kentucky, USA, I had the pleasure of meeting Trittech, a new player in the airsoft gear market. They introduced me to their latest innovation: a set of powered airsoft goggles designed to provide optimal eye protection without the usual issue of fogging lenses. As someone who has relied on flat pressed steel mesh goggles for over a decade due to their fog-free performance and camouflaging capabilities, I was intrigued to see how these new goggles would compare.

First Impressions

The Trittech goggles boast several features that immediately caught my attention:

  • Clear lenses with built-in fans
  • Lightweight and robust design
  • Four adjustable air flow settings
  • USB-C power cable and adapters
  • Secure head strap

The small built-in fans and internal power supply aim to eliminate fogging, a common issue with traditional clear lens goggles, especially during intense activities like ghillie sniping.

Customization and Testing

To put these goggles to the test, I customized them for my ghillie setup:

  • Painted the goggles
  • Applied 3D camouflage using KMCS AGM, Crafting Mesh, raffia, and Adaptive Leaf Strips
  • Added a prototype KMCS lens mesh for eye concealment

For optimal visibility, I left my right eye uncovered, allowing for clear sight through the Trittech lenses and improved vision through my scope.

Performance in the Field

Running the fan system on setting 2 for most of the day, I found the goggles performed admirably. On two occasions when fogging began to form due to heavy sweating, switching to the maximum setting (4) cleared the fog within a minute. Impressively, the fan remained silent even at its highest power.

The battery life is reported to last five hours on the max setting, which I will further test in upcoming events. However, for extended milsim events I foresee the limited battery life being a potential issue. During such events, I will likely revert to my trusted mesh goggles that do not rely on a power supply. However, connecting a small external battery and cable will allow the fans to run for 24 hours.

Visibility and Comfort

The clear lenses provided a significant boost in visibility compared to my mesh goggles, enhancing my perception in the field. While not a complete game changer, this improvement certainly makes me more effective and dangerous as I hunt my opponents.

Areas for Improvement

While the Trittech goggles offer many advantages, there are a few areas where they could improve:

  1. Size Adjustability: The goggles are a fixed size and non-adjustable, making them less versatile for different head sizes and shapes. This also complicates storage and transport, especially after customizing them with camouflage.
  2. Comfort: After a full day of use, the bridge of my nose felt sore. Adding extra padding should enhance comfort.
  3. Strap Quality: The provided strap was subpar, and I had to create my own elasticated retention strap for a better fit.


Despite these minor criticisms, the Trittech powered airsoft goggles have impressed me enough to consider them as my new primary eye protection after over a decade of using mesh goggles. The increased visibility and effective anti-fog system significantly enhance my performance in the field. With a few simple modifications to address comfort and adjustability, these goggles could be an essential upgrade for any serious airsoft enthusiast, particularly ghillie snipers looking to maintain clear vision during intense gameplay.

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