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Silent Sniper: Unveiling the Secrets of My Ghillie Sniping Loadout

In the realm of sniper gameplay, silence and precision are paramount. My recent tree-climbing spawn camping escapade, garnering millions ofviews in just a few days, has ignited a storm of inquiries about the arsenal I employed during my stealthy eliminations. In this blog, I’m peeling back the curtain on my trusty sniper setup — a customised VSR build with a decade of evolution and a sidearm that has stood the test of time.

The VSR Build:

Originally a Tokyo Marui VSR, my sniper rifle has undergone a complete transformation over the years. The lightweight folding stock by Maple Leaf not only facilitates easy transport but, crucially, provides the perfect grip and balance. Its adjustable cheek rest ensures ideal eye positioning behind the scope.

Moving forward, the Springer Custom trigger harmonizes seamlessly with the Sniper Mechanics WASP Piston and an Action Army Teflon Cylinder. An Action Army nozzle, currently in use, may soon see an upgrade to the Sniper Mechanics version. An upgraded scope rail with a built-in spirit level ensures precise alignment when aiming from elevated positions.

The Heart of the System:

The hop chamber, arguably the most important part of the system, boasts an old but effective Action Army chamber housing a Sniper Mechanics Flamingo bucking. The pressure on the bucking is finely tuned using an old and no longer available Smithy TDC wheel. While newer options exist, the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” prevails in my book.

The outer barrel leads to a generic suppressor filled with scotch brite discs, minimises sound output. The inner barrel, a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet, has proven its worth over the years, providing reliable performance at an attractive price point.

Crazy Jet Barrel


For vision at a distance, I rely on a Vortex scope, a 2–6 variant. Details on ghillie wrapping the bolt action can be found on a previous blog post.

The Sidearm — Tokyo Marui MK23:

My sidearm of choice, the Tokyo Marui MK23, has undergone a few key upgrades. The Hadron mag savior prevents accidental magazine drops, while the Hadron TDC dust cover optimizes pressure on the nub and rubber inside the hop chamber. A Maple Leaf Autobot rubber, surprisingly quieter than the Sniper Mechanics Flamingo in the MK23, completes the setup.

The consistent Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel, Sniper Mechanics Hex suppressor, and a strategically placed fart flap contribute to the overall effectiveness.

Hadron Hot Lips magazines ensure silky smooth feeding, rounding out the sidearm’s reliability.


And there you have it — many years in the making and still going strong, my loadout that enabled my silent reign of terror from the treetops.

2 thoughts on “Silent Sniper: Unveiling the Secrets of My Ghillie Sniping Loadout

  1. Jeffrey Gossman says:

    Please let me know when your fabration products are available. Thank you.

    1. Kicking Mustang says:

      Hi Jeffrey, all of our products are available at retailers.
      Empire Airsoft
      Amped Airsoft
      Mantis Concept Brothers
      Anareus CZ

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